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It’s not lost on me that my clients are entrusting me with something pretty big — capturing some of the most important events of their lives. I don’t take a single session for granted and try to put all of myself into each shoot that I do.  Although most sessions look like a walk in the park, the reality is, when working with children, we don’t always get the perfect cooperation that we would love to have…especially with toddlers…and particularly with twins. But between Mom, Dad and a very helpful grandma, we worked together to create a set of stunning maternity portraits in the beautiful Folsom sunset light. I mention it here because I speak to a lot of parents who don’t think the time is right for pictures because their kids are “wild” or “unruly”. The fact is, most kids are going to be a little (or a lot) wild and unruly for their shoot and that’s okay! I got my tricks. 😉

pregnancy portrait with mom and dad and river in background stunning pregnant mommy lying down for her maternity pictures twin girls in pretty floral dresses in a field playing hands on pregnant belly backlit with sunset light family portraits with pregnant belly pink dresses and sunset light mom in pink dress with twin daughter smiling folsom maternity portraits in field with long grass

Fingers crossed I look this amazing when I’m pregnant with my third child! Haha – yeah right.

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