in Blog | Senior Graduation

Almost every single one of my graduation picture clients come to me because they are looking for someone to photograph them in a natural way, not stiffly posed and drowning in heavy makeup and retouching. Sammy and I were the perfect match. She showed up with a boatload of beautiful outfits, a fresh face and the willingness to have to fun. It was a windy day, but we used it to our advantage and captured some playful pictures that really reflect who she is.

windblown hair outdoors for graduation pictures less makeup and natural expressions for senior portraits sacramento pink maxi dress by the river with sunset light

The water was pretty cold, but she just waded right in. My favorite kind of girl!!

candid natural images for teen graduation senior portraits

Fields of grass, obliging streams, and fresh spring flowers make the best props.

bouquet of purple flowers in the spring forest

Sammy, you were so much fun! I wish you the best for all of the exciting plans you have ahead of you!

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