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sacramento preschool portraits

If your child’s preschool is having class portraits taken with me, here are a few simple tips on how to prepare for your child’s school pictures:

What to Wear

  1. Most importantly, dress your child in something that they feel comfortable in. Nothing kills a smile faster than an itchy sweater, shoes that pinch or a too-tight shirt.
  2. Kids look great in both bold colors and subtle neutrals.
  3. Choose something that reflects your child’s personality right now. These are pictures that will be fun to look back on years from now and remember them just as they were at this age.
  4. Avoid t-shirts with distracting logos or slogans. They can distract from your child’s beautiful face.
  5. For shoes, pick something other than old sneakers… Lace-up shoes, ballet flats, sandals, boots, and even flip flops work well.
  6. Make sure the clothes are free from (obvious) stains or holes.
  7. Check the forecast and make sure to dress appropriately for the temperature.


sacramento preschool pictures

The Morning of Your Shoot

  1. Ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast. This will power them through the day with the best smiles.
  2. Wipe their face clean and brush their teeth (don’t want food in those pearly whites).
  3. We know that wrangling your kid’s hair can be a challenge, but do your best with a flattering style. A little bit of hair product will keep things in place for shorter cuts and longer hair looks great worn down or up in a ponytail or braids.
  4. Make your child’s shoot something to look forward to and your positive attitude will help to carry them forward with lots of smiles.


Sibling Pictures

  1. Your other children are welcome to participate! Just let the school know ahead of time if you’d like to bring a sibling along for the pictures. (If you have an infant who is not yet sitting up, it’s best to wait until next year.)
  2. For clothing, try to coordinate without matching. A tried-and-true formula for a sibling duo includes a a patterned outfit for one, and, for the other, a solid outfit in a color pulled from that pattern. While you may have the urge to put them in the exact same colors, mixing it up a bit creates a more interesting color palette and image. Trust me, it works!

Your school will send out an email letting you know which dates we will be shooting. Packages are chosen after you see your child’s pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to help!

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