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Here’s a sweet little newborn session in the Sacramento studio. This family is such a joy to photograph! We always end up talking about outdoor adventures and have to reel ourselves back into taking pictures!

Family lying down on sheepskin rug with newborn baby and toddler sister in Sacramento studio

I love to capture those first couple of weeks when older siblings are just starting to get used to the idea of a baby in the house. I think she’s found her new BFF!

Dad and mom looking at newborn baby girl on sheepskin rug in Sacramento studio Mom and dad holding and kissing yawning newborn baby girl

That little yawn…

Mom wearing a gray sweater holding newborn baby girl and smiling in Sacramento studio Newborn baby girl with blue eyes lying on a pink blanket and white swaddle in Sacramento studio Newborn baby girl close up of feet in hands and sleeping in Sacramento studio

Tiny toes and a button nose.

Sleeping newborn baby with teddy bear on white blanket in Sacramento studio

So precious!

Sleeping newborn baby on white blanket in Sacramento studio

I’d love to capture every sweet moment with your family in my studio. Contact me for more information.


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