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When Mom walked in with an armful of pretty outfits and dresses for her daughter’s cake smash portrait party in the studio, I was thrilled. Until I saw this dress…

pretty party dress for cake smash and first birthday

And I was over the moon! Make sure you look at the design on the dress very closely! It’s covered in Boston Terriers! This mom knows me too well. Lol

all ready for cake smash with her birthday hat on

See that sweet little hat she’s got on? Mom ordered one from Etsy, but it didn’t come in time, so she made it herself. Oh, no big deal, just making hats like a pro the night before the photo-shoot! Wow!

lacy pink mini cake for first birthday cake smash pictures

Little Miss “A” didn’t need much to get started. One little taste and…

cake all over face in this sacramento studio for cake smash and first birthday

Cake smash mission accomplished!

smushed cake in hair for sacramento studio cake smash portraits

And this is what the end looked like. Ha!

sacramento cake smash photographer studio pink ruffle dress

If you’d like to reserve a cake smash session in our studio for your child’s first birthday, give us a call at 916-933-8352 or email us at today!

*Beautiful cake lovingly crafted by Sweetologie.

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