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So many of my clients have graduated from UC Davis, so it means a lot to them when we can capture beautiful portraits at the Davis Arboretum. No matter the season, it always looks beautiful with its varied gardens and picturesque bridges. Afternoon is a particularly pretty time to shoot there with the sun streaming through the trees and creating that soft, glowing look that flatters everyone.

family standing on the bridge looking at the ducks at the davis arboretum

Playing with bubbles is an all-time favorite!

girl playing with bubbles in front of a bridge at the davis arboretum

I’ll never leave a shoot without doing cuddles with mommy.

mother daughter cuddles in front of the duck pond at the davis arboretum

“1-2-3-SWING!” followed by “Again, again!”

family pictures of swinging daughter in front of a pretty bridge at the davis arboretum

What a fun family! They were up for anything (including piggy-back rides).

father daughter piggy back rides at the Davis Arboretum

If you’d like to schedule a photography session for your family at the Davis Arboretum, or any other location you see here on the blog, just give us a ring at 916-933-8352 or email us at

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