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We are switching things up this week with this father and son photo session with classic cars. Years ago, they had pictures taken with the same car and they wanted to use those earlier photos as inspiration for this updated shoot. We got to re-live some of those bygone moments and recreate them to commemorate the years spent together.

father and son posing together in front of garage with old chevy camero

I love how the color of their shirts coordinates with the grey-blue garage.

dad and son posing in front of classic chevy camero and garage rescue californiadad driving old chevy camero, son looking on during photo session

I imagine they have spent many hours like this, working together on the engine and making sure everything is exactly as they want it to be.

dad and son working on classic car engine during golden hour rescue californiateenage son posing by classic chevy camero with engine popped natural sunlightteenage boy looking in the rearview mirror of a classic chevy camero

As I mentioned before, we retook some of the photos we had done when the son was much younger. One was of his dad throwing him high in the air. We couldn’t quite do that… so we had him “fall” off a ladder into his dad’s arms. (Some photoshop was involved in taking the ladder out.) I love the silliness.

dad holding up teenage son in front of classic car and garage rescue californiadad and son hugging beside classic chevy camero and garage rescue californiateenage boy posing in sunglasses with classic car, truck

With the Camero finished, dad and son have moved on to restoring this old truck just for the son. I’m sure there will be more photos when this project is complete!

teenage boy in the drivers seat of classic truck smilingdad and son posing in front of classic truck with sunglasses on

The classic father-son fist bump.

dad and son fist bumping on the hood of classic truck rescue californiateenage boy jumping out of old truck bed to dad in rescue california

We had to take the sunglasses off for at least one photo to see their smiling eyes.

dad and son standing in front of classic truck in rescue california

These hobby-focused shoots are so much fun, and I am honored to have watched this kid and the projects grow over the years. If you’re looking for family photos, now’s the time to take them! Contact me today. 

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