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This spring photo shoot with this family of four puts smiles all over my face! The flowers were popping, and the sunlight could not have been more perfect. It just screams spring in every shot.

family of four smiling together in the park natural light sacramento california

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a photo with their sweet grandkids. The generational resemblance is strong!

grandma and grandpa with grandkids, brother and sister dancing together outside

These siblings have an adorable relationship together. You can tell that they are best friends and laugh all the time.

brother and sister hugging outside on a path sacramento californiamom with two young kids, brother and sister hugging outside sacramento californiakids running along a path with parents holding hands behind them

Whenever I do family photos, I try to sneak in a picture of just the parents. They don’t get those opportunities very often, and it’s important to capture their relationship as well! This couple holds a special place in my heart since their wedding was one of the few weddings I shot (back in the day).

family of four, dad kissing mom on the cheek outside in sacramento californiayoung boy, young girl smiling at the camera outside in natural lightyoung girl laying in the grass with flowers outsidebrother and sister laughing together on the grass surrounded by small flowers

We got to have a wardrobe change mid-way through with some more traditional outfits. I love the personality these bring to each photo, with so many years of heritage woven in.

young girl posing in traditional clothing in front of flowers, young boy posing outsidefamily of four posing outdoors under a tree in springtime sacramento california

His face in this photo cracks me up!

dad kissing daughter on the cheek, mother and son sitting outside together in the natural light

The flowers are blooming and it’s time for more spring photos! Who’s coming with me? Book your shoot today!

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