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operating safely as a photographer with covid-19

UPDATED December 14th, 2021: I’m fully vaccinated (with a booster and recent flu shot), so let’s book that session you’ve been wanting to do!

What’s new? Well, as much as I would love things to be fully back to the old “normal” we have a bit of a “new normal” for right now. It’s important to me that you feel safe bringing your family to me for a photography session, so I want to let you know what I’m doing to continue to keep everyone’s families safe and healthy.

The day before the session, I’ll ask you if anyone in your family is showing symptoms of illness or has a fever and we will reschedule if the answer is “yes”. Similarly, if I’m not feeling well, I will let you know, and we’ll find a new date for your session.

I’m still wearing a mask to all sessions and using no-touch posing methods. As much as I’d like to hug everyone, it’s best to save them up for now.

If you come to the studio, it will have been cleaned and sanitized since the last family was there. I ask that you avoid eating in the studio and that shoes are removed at the door.

For all sessions, please limit the guests to only those people who are involved in the session and avoid bringing people from separate households (the exception being if those people are fully vaccinated).

If you have any particular concerns, please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate! Some people prefer to do the session in their home as opposed to my studio and that is totally fine! Others really want to make sure a six-foot distance is maintained, and that is alright, too. I’m here for you and open to all requests to ensure your family is feeling safe and happy!

Be well,


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