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I have some good news!  As of May 22nd, Sacramento photographers finally have the green light from the County to start offering some services again! (Insert enthusiastic clapping here.) I’ve been waiting patiently to be able to practice business fully legally and the day has arrived!

sacramento front porch session

What’s allowed right now (as of 5/22):
Outdoor shoots! This is great news for those of you who have been waiting to do their maternity session, senior portraits/graduation pictures, headshots or a family session. Up until 5/22, “front porch” or “porch-rait” sessions were prohibited in the County, so if you’ve been wanting to do one, now’s the time! We will be practicing social distancing and I, and anyone else not being photographed, will need to wear a mask. Additionally, any photography session right now is limited to groups that consist only of people from the same household.

What’s not allowed (yet):
Any session that requires physical contact, such as a traditional, posed newborn session. For those of you with new babies, we can still do a beautiful early-evening session outside since the weather is nice and warm now. You can see examples of what a session like that would look in the outdoor pictures here and here. There are no age restrictions on these types of sessions, so your babies can be brand new to several months old.

My first priority is the health and safety of everyone involved, so if you’d rather wait until the next stage of reopening for your session (and to get a hair cut), I’ll completely understand! However, this does give an opportunity to those of you with time-sensitive sessions.

I’ll continue to update you as things progress, but I’m thrilled to have something to offer everyone who has been so patient.


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