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Mom did a series of special sessions for her first son. So when her second baby arrived, she wanted to do the same for him as well! She booked our four-session Baby Club, starting with his three-month session with a “Humanities” theme.

We started in the library with “Literature.”
For the six-month shoot we’ll do “Art.”
For nine-months, we’ll do “Science.”
For his first birthday, we’ll do “Music”.

Baby In Between Books in Sacramento Downtown Central Library

Mother and Son In Between Books at Sacramento Downtown Central Library

For the “Literature” session, we chose the Downtown Central Library and got to use their room for historical and archived books – “The Sacramento Room.” We felt so special since they only allow guests to use the room by appointment only.

Mom and Baby Son in Library Book Stacks

Mom Holding Baby Boy's Tiny Feet and Toes

Mother and Son Reading in Library Book Stacks

Mother Showing Baby Art Book in Downtown Central Library

Baby Boy Looking at the World Globe with Mom Holding Him in Library

After the shoot, the Library asked if we could share some of the pictures with the board as a little surprise for their staff at their next meeting – how fun!

Can’t wait to see what the pictures from our next session. Join our Baby Club and let’s make memories together!

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