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Flowers are blooming. Time is flying! This family session was photographed last fall which seems like such a long time ago. I loved capturing that dreamy golden hour light and toddler giggles in Davis. Just look at her baby blue eyes!

Mom and dad look at toddler daughter as she smiles directly at camera while sitting on grass in Davis Dad holds toddler daughter with big smiles in direct sun in Davis park

Sun’s out, tongues out!

Mom and dad look at toddler daughter with hands in her mouth while sitting on grass in Sacramento Dad lifts up toddler daughter high in Davis park Mom and dad hold toddler daughter's hands as they walk through Davis park Mom and dad smile while holding toddler daughter laughs with foliage in background

All smiles here.

Toddler girl smiling directly at camera with trees and grass in background Davis

Hello, baby blues.

Mom and dad lie on grass while looking at toddler daughter with green trees in background Davis Mom and dad smile directly at camera close up in Davis Mom and dad toss brown leaves in the air as toddler daughter smiles in Davis Mom and toddler daughter lie on blanket and look at camera in Davis

Love the little hand on the face.

Mom holds toddler daughter as she picks a brown fall leaf on a tree in Davis park

I really enjoy watching families grow with each season. I have a few spots left for some spring-time dreamy pink tree blossom photos. Contact me to book.


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