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In recent years, there’s been some buzz about the connection between family photos and boosting kids’ self-esteem. Children who see themselves in pictures with their family are more likely to feel like an important part of it. It got me thinking about family dynamics and which person most often ends up documenting the family with pictures. Usually, it’s the moms behind the camera and, as a result, they are rarely in photos.

Moms see the importance of documenting their children’s lives, but they are often missing from the albums that they create. Does this happen to you?

If photos help children see their place within the family, wouldn’t it help you as a mother, too? You are an incredible mom and the glue that holds the family together. You have a bond with your children that no one else in the family can replace. Photographs have been shown to strengthen those bonds. Memories of your time together are triggered by photos. Photos are the gift that keeps on giving (cliche, but true)!

moms should get in the picture too

Many moms worry about how they look or whether they gained weight this year, but kids don’t see their own mom that way. They see you as you as their mom: loving, a safe place, a refuge. Your kids just want to see you in family photos because it will help them to remember your time together, not how you look. Your children want memories with you, not a “perfect photo” of you.

As one of the premier Sacramento photographers in the area, I can help capture each stage of your journey in motherhood with pictures that include you! I document families from the newborn stage to high school graduation. Even if you are only in photos once a year, take that opportunity to create memories with your children that they can look back on in the years to come.

If you’re interested in booking a shoot with your kids, click here, and let’s chat!

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