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Hello, summer! The weather is warm and wonderful for outdoor family photos. I know it’s a strange time to think about what’s next, but I want you to feel safe and cared for during our sessions. Read my Coronavirus photography session guidelines here.

When your good friends visit all the way from England, a photo session is in order! I’m super excited to share this joint family vacation shoot in Lake Tahoe full of sun, sand, beachballs and little kid laughs.

Boy and girl sitting on large rock with parents in background at Lake Tahoe Families tossing around beach balls in the sand at Lake Tahoe

Having a ball. See what I did there?

Mom and dad holding daughter's hand while walking in the sand at Lake Tahoe Dad and toddler daughter running on the beach at Lake Tahoe with rocks and trees in background

Long live all the summer time magic we made.

Mom and dad sit on a rock while daughter stands and smiles in Lake Tahoe Mom and dad hold toddler boys and smile in Lake Tahoe Toddler boy in foreground smiling as brother and little girl make silly faces at Lake Tahoe

Got a serious case of the sillies.

Families sitting on a rock and smiling at Lake Tahoe

Picture perfect smiles…and giggles all around.

Daughter making a silly face while mom and dad smile at Lake Tahoe

A real-life emoji.

Mom and dad holding toddler boys in laps on bench at Lake Tahoe Dad throwing son in the air and parents holding children upside down as they laugh at Lake Tahoe

Pure joy.

Families wading in the lake smiling in Lake Tahoe

Enjoy your summer, everyone! Let me know when you’re ready to explore with me.

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