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Every time I knock on a customer’s front door, I wonder “What will this family be like? Will they be quiet? Wild? Quirky? Hip?” I wonder because, well, I love meeting people and am just plain fascinated by all of the amazing lives that they create for themselves. But, most of all, I want to capture that quality in their pictures. No quality could ever be wrong because it sets that family apart, makes them unique and makes them who they are.

When the front door of this house opened, all I saw were big smiles. The kids couldn’t wait to start, and right from the word “go”, there was playing and fun, but most of all…just an overwhelming sense of boundless love and family camaraderie. Their daughter asked me right off the bat if she could have a picture with her Daddy. My heart did a flip. Of course she could have a picture with her Daddy!

Ah, I love every single picture in their gallery! What fun people to work with!


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