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At one year old and with a name like “Wilder”, I just fell in love with this little man. He has TONS of personality and already has a love for music. We pulled out his mini-piano so he could show off his skills. Who knows — Mom and Dad may have a future musician on their hands and it would be so much fun to pull these pictures out, years from now, and be able to say, “He was playing the piano at ONE!”

land_park_family_portraits (4)

Mom had set up this very sweet little banner for his birthday just days before, and it made for a perfect colorful element for their portraits. Oh, and the way Wilder’s hand is on Dad’s cheek…*sigh*

land park portraits

We caught the fall color just before the windy weather arrived — the warm reds and yellows melt together in such a lovely way behind them.

land_park_family_portraits (2)

I’m completely transfixed by the picture just below and on the right. He’s having so much fun with the playground xylophone. What a little musician-man!

land_park_family_portraits (1)

One-year-old “chub” – love it. And these little hands are a perfect example of such. 😉

land_park_family_portraits (5)

Playing on the back patio – check out his great little Toms booties.

land_park_family_portraits (3)

We had so much fun! I’m looking forward to sharing the full gallery with mom and dad!

P.S. I’m including this post in my “clothing” category because I think they did a great job of selecting clothing that was simple (while remaining visually interesting), that reflects their personal style, and that brings together a mix of colors that already exist in their home, making these pictures the perfect fit for their home and interior decor.

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