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I’ve been photographing this sweet girl since she was in her mama’s belly and now it’s time for her first birthday cake smash! We loved the idea of using paper flowers as the backdrop and mixing it together with her gold crown and pink tutu.

One year old girl wearing pink tutu and crown against floral backdrop in Sacramento portrait studio

Of course, the best accessory of all, is her smile!

One year old baby girl in pink tutu smiling against paper flowers

She has the best toothy grin!

Mom kissing baby girl and celebrating one year

So many kids are right on the edge of walking for their first birthday session, so it’s fun to capture a few (assisted) steps. And with chubby legs like those, it’s worth showing them off!

Mom holding baby girl in tutu up to standing in Sacramento photography studio

Some kids aren’t super thrilled with the taste of sugary cakes at first, but the reaction is half the fun of it. She figured it out in the end…

Baby girl in pink tutu smashing cake and crying Baby girl in pink tutu smashing cake from top in Sacramento studio

And learned the most efficient method of eating it! Lol

Baby girl wearing pink tutu diving face first into cake against gold bunting Baby girl wearing tutu with frosting on feet from cake smash

There is nothing like the feeling of frosting between your toes. Sweet baby girl is living the good life.

I’d love to celebrate your little one’s first birthday with you. Book a session today.

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