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Reason #453 why I love in-home sessions: when it’s over 100 degrees, it will always be cool inside. But in all seriousness, your home is the place you’ve chosen to spend most of your time with the people who matter the most. I love photographing your family this way because you are in your favorite space.

This was one of my very first sessions after returning from the pandemic shut-down last year. We managed to get a full set of beautiful pictures without me getting closer than six feet. It can be a challenge, but it’s worth it to not have to miss this special moment!

Dad holds newborn baby while dog licks big sister on couch in Sacramento family home

Puppy kisses are the best kind.

Big sister laughing while mom and dad smile at her while holding newborn baby in Sacramento home

What’s even better are their genuine smiles and laughs after the puppy lick!

Dad kisses newborn baby boy and holds him close in Sacramento homeDad gets puppy kisses while big sister is on his shoulders. Big sister looks lovingly at baby brother on bed in Sacramento home

Dad’s turn for puppy kisses.

Big sister poses on blue bed with newborn baby brother in Sacramento home

What you don’t see here is the behind-the-scenes work it took to get sister to get on the beg and smile. Lol I’m glad dad was so willing to fly her around over and over again!

Big sister rolls around the bed while newborn baby brother is swaddled in Sacramento home Dad kisses newborn baby on forehead outside in backyard natural light in Sacramento Toddler girl swings outside in Sacramento home backyard

Unfiltered joy.

Big sister tip-toeing to check on newborn baby brother on blanket outside Sacramento yard

Just the sweetest big sister checking in on her baby brother.

Mom kisses sleeping newborn baby in Sacramento home backyard Mom holds newborn baby boy's hands on blanket in Sacramento backyard outside

These tiny hands.

Mom holds newborn baby brother and looks at him lovingly on blanket in Sacramento backyard

Love this beautiful family. Thanks for welcoming me into your home. Now, who’s up for an in-home session?


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