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It’s been a scorching couple of days. I hope everyone has been cooling down and blasting the air conditioning (yet another reason why in-home sessions are amazing). This home family session is a win in my book. We played some basketball and a belly rub session (for the dog, of course). What’s not to love?

Smiling family looking at their dog while sitting on back porch steps in Sacramento

Love is a four-legged word.

Smiling mom and dad and sons look at each other lovingly in backyard patio steps in Sacramento home Mom hugging her 2 sons in the backyard with lemon tree in the background during sunset Dad and sons look at mom and smile on the couch in Sacramento home Brothers hug each other and smile in their backyard with lemon tree in Sacramento home

Brotherly love.

Family poses with their dog sitting on steps of backyard steps in Sacramento home Family smiling framed by large trees and flowers in their backyard home in Sacramento

Can we get a moment to appreciate all the greenery in their home?

Brothers chasing after basketball in Sacramento backyard with fence growing ivy in background

Gotta capture the boys in their natural element.

Two young brothers playing basketball in their Sacramento backyard

Best swishes.

We all know who the real MVP is in this picture…

Brothers playing with their dog in backyard of their Sacramento home Dad smiling with sons holding basketball outside by creeping ivy in Sacramento home backyard

All is fair in dogs and basketball. Who’s with me? Let’s book your in-home session and stay cool out there!

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