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Mom and I wanted to create a simple and minimalist, yet sweet, birthday cake shoot for her daughter who just turned one. I love working with this mom because she enjoys getting involved in the creative process and we have the same design sense. We went with a simple white cake and decorated with flowers and a cake topper. I love how all of the white plays well together and brings out her sweet little smile and those CURLS. I just love her hair!

One Year Old Baby Girl Smashing Cake with Flowers

I always like to get a few family pictures during a cake smash session. I imagine kids growing up and looking back at these pictures and seeing how loved they were.

Baby Girl with Curly Hair Being Held by Dad Baby Girl's First Birthday in Party Hat and Parents Clapping Dad Holding Baby Girl Who is Smiling Against White Background

That smile!

Mom Holds Baby Girl While Laughing Against White Background Baby Girl with Flower Crown Sitting and Standing on Wooden Chair Baby Girl One Year Cake Smash with Flowers

She showed us how cake smashing is done! Look at that technique!

Baby Girl with Curl Hair Smashing Cake

Nothing is more fun than watching a one year old go to town on some cake! Cake Smash sessions truly are so much fun! We usually end up laughing the entire time and come away with some really fun and beautiful images of such a special stage.

Baby Girl Lying on Floor After Cake Smash

Let’s book a cake smash session for your birthday baby!

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