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You might remember this baby boy and mom from this 3 month library session. They are back with their “Art” themed 6 month baby session at the Golden 1 Center!

Baby Boy Laughing in Front of Gale Hart Hand Sculpture at Golden 1 Center

This is session #2 out of four in a Humanities series that Mom wanted to do for her little boy. It was important to her that we not be too “themey” but keep things classic and subtle.

Mom and Baby Boy Wearing Pink Outdoors at Golden 1 Center

We chose the Golden 1 Center as a fun and easy backdrop for this baby photography session and to celebrate her baby boy’s 6 month milestone.

6 Month Old Baby Boy Hanging Out by Orange O at Golden 1 Center Mom Holding Baby Boy Wearing Pink in Front of Green Foliage at Golden 1 Center

Have I ever mentioned how OBSESSED I am with winter light?! The mornings are just dewey and golden and oh-so-beautiful.

Mom Carrying Baby Boy in front of Golden 1 Center in Natural Light 6 Month Old Baby Lovingly Touches Mom's Face Baby Boy Sitting Up by Gale Hart Hand Sculpture and Art in Golden 1 Center

I just love his smile!

Baby Boy Laughing by Gale Hart Hand Sculpture at Golden 1 Center Baby and Mom Laughing in Front of Jeff Koons Sculpture in Golden 1 Center

Stay tuned for #3 of four sessions in this baby’s first year — Music!

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