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Sometimes picking the right outfit for your maternity photoshoot can be the most stressful part of the session. However, with these tips, it will be easier to find something that will look beautiful for your pictures!

Pregnant woman wearing a powder blue maxi dress on dry grass field in Sacramento

The first and essential part of picking your maternity outfit is how it makes you feel. Keep your outfits and dresses comfortable, but also stay true to your personality. Some of the best dresses for comfort are maxi dresses with flowing fabrics or a form-fitting dress that shows all of your beautiful curves. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to choose a dress to have beautiful photos.

Close up of pregnant woman caressing her stomach wearing nude dress and white button blouse in Sacramento studio

An important aspect of picking a maternity outfit is to make sure it shows your bump. You can pair a fitted top with a flowing skirt or a loose top with a fitted bottom (ie jeans or leggings). Another tip is that solid colors or small patterns are best. Try to avoid black and navy, as these colors can make your beautiful belly look less defined. Go for timeless as opposed to trendy. You’ll want to remember this time with fondness and not be distracted later when looking at the photo by what you were wearing. Always pick your outfit first. You are the most important part of the photograph. Your partner or other family members can coordinate with whatever you’re wearing.

I hope this helps you feel more prepared about your upcoming maternity session with me. If you need help with your outfit, please feel free to connect!

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