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When searching for a local Sacramento photographer, there are a few common questions everyone asks. One of them is “what’s your style?” I’ll often answer with “light and airy with bright pops of color”, but photographic style is so much more than that! Photographic style is a multitude of elements from mood to capturing a personality to the moments a photographer freezes in time.

Style is also how a photographer conveys a photo to their audience. If you look at my portfolio, it’s filled with laughter, happiness, hugs and kisses. For me, photography is about reflecting back the best parts of people. It’s also about making you feel comfortable in front of the camera, which, in turn, makes you feel good about yourself in pictures.

Personality is also a big part of my photographic style. Most clients I work with are looking for photos that portray their unique personality or their family’s silly side. My focus is on having fun and making the atmosphere bright and happy.

capturing the in between silly moments is my favorite style

Bright and whimsical is a mood I try to focus on in editing too! I prefer to edit photos by bringing out the brightness of the day and the colors of the natural surrounding. It provides a more pleasing photo to look at and it makes your skin look glowing!

My style is also about the moments you can’t create with stiff posing. It’s about the moments in between the directions I give you. When you are not paying attention to the camera and give your son a sweet kiss on the forehead. If I am being honest, candid moments are my favorite to photograph. They are often the photos that the clients love the most and with which they feel the most connection.

Speaking of connection, I would love to hear from you, whether you have a question or want to book a session, email me by clicking here. Let’s make some bright, happy, natural photos together!


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