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I can’t believe that we are already approaching the end of August. I am so ready for this hot weather to end! Bring on the snuggle weather and baby cuddles! This sleepy newborn session will get you right in that cozy mood.

Black mom kissing newborn baby that is yawning in Sacramento studio

Hey, sleepyhead.

Black mom kissing and holding newborn baby in swaddle in Sacramento studio Black mom holding newborn baby swaddled and sleeping in Sacramento studio

Love at first sight.

Newborn baby looking directly at camera while lying on sheepskin rug in Sacramento studio

Loving the attitude in this picture.

Newborn baby wearing crochet bear hat and close up of baby holding mom's finger Close up of newborn feet and toes in Sacramento studio

Can’t get enough of those tiny toes!

Newborn baby girl wearing a crown and sticking her tongue out while sleeping in Sacramento studio

Dream big, little one.

Newborn baby sleeping on hands lying on fuzzy gray blanket in Sacramento studio Black mom lovingly looking and holding sleeping newborn baby in Sacramento studio

I adore newborn sessions. New babies are like new beginnings born with love and hope, and we could all use some new beginnings right now.

Let me know if you’d like to schedule your own newborn session with me. We can do it in your home or at my studio. Read more on the blog to see which session is right for you.


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