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The first half of Day 6 was spent kayaking around the island of Vrgada. I didn’t bring my better camera on this portion of the trip, just due to the fact that we would be in kayaks on the ocean (possible salt water in camera = bad). As a result, I don’t have many pictures of the day, but here are a few to give you a feel of what is was like.

Croatia has more than 1700 islands along its coastline, each of which seems to offer a different set of treasures. Vrgada has no cars and no hotels, and boasts a charming little church right on the water (see below) as well as a beautiful sandy beach.

When we got to the beach, we discovered that a few other people had discovered it before us, lol! We could barely find a spot to park our kayaks, but once we did, we all went for a swim and had a lovely time.

After kayaking, we opted to go into the nearby town of Zadar. Our guides thought it would be cute if they wore the classic “striped t-shirt” which you can see people wearing all over the place and they sell them as souvenirs, ha!

Upon arriving to the partially walled city of Zadar, you can see the entrance gate designed by the Romans who once ruled here.

A cathedral tower and evidence that other tourists exist…what the? he he

Away from the crowds, a quiet place to walk.

Although a little out of focus, this is one of my favorite pictures of Drew from the trip. Love the sunset light.

The Zadar sunset, through my lens…and another lens, lol!

I love the pier in this shot and the couple holding an umbrella.

And then there was no more light to take pictures by. If you ever find yourself in Zadar, make sure to visit two amazing local art installations. One is a wall that has organs built right into it and they are played by the waves themselves…truly amazing treat for those who appreciate the aesthetic of sound. Right next to that is a walkway that is about a half football field of solar-powered sidewalk lights that dance and flicker underneath your feet as you walk on them.

Up next – Krka National Park for more waterfalls and the best lunch I’ve ever had!

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