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We’re up to Day 4 of our REI Adventures trip through Croatia! Today we went to the Zrmanja and Krupa Rivers for a full day of kakaying, with a short stop along the way at the medieval Krupa Monastery built in 1317 by monks from Bosnia.

Pretty place to have a look around –

I’ve been working with Drew on how to use a camera (I’d like to be recorded in a few pictures myself, ha!) and I think he’s getting better and better! He took the one of me below:

After the monastery, we set off to go river kayaking! We’d heard that this was one of the best excursions on the trip, so we were excited. This is our other guide, Matija, and “Guardian Angel” #2 on our trip.  And so we set off down the river. We barely saw anyone else there except for a few folks as we got lower down. It was a very peaceful place.
Little did we know that we were going to get to see waterfalls like this! How beautiful! It’s hard to tell how big they were from the shots below, but they were probably about 2-3 stories high. Lovely.

Then, we were taken to a beautiful, kind of secret, swimming hole, complete with a lovely waterfall. We had to hike a bit through some bushes and brambles to get there, which makes me think not everybody knows about it. How fun!

Then back to some more rapids! Pictured below are two of the people we made good friends with on the trip.

It was a wonderful day, full of good laughs, good adventure and good memories.

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