in personal

I think we’re on Day 10 now, lol! I’ve lost track at this point because every day was as wonderful (or better than) the next. Although we’ve been back home for two weeks now, it feels like only yesterday that we were here, in the lovely village of Zaton.

We were warmly welcomed to our hotel with yet another surprise bouquet of flowers (see the cute bunch on our window sill below), prepared by our guide and host just for our honeymoon. How sweet!

Our guide, Robbie, brought us to this amazing spot for lunch where the waves were literally washing over our feet while we ate — I’ve never experienced that before! You can even see a little wave splashing on the cement at the bottom left of this photo. That’s a shot of our table and the water from where I sat. A few times, the water actually splashed up on to our food, lol! A sweet picture that Robbie took of Drew and me while on a little hike just up the hill from our hotel. I love this one. The beautiful coastline. The water was a little too rough to go kayaking as planned, so Robbie’s boss showed up with his catamaran. Oh, how convenient to have a catamaran on hand!

We took the boat out to one of the Elefiti Islands, Kolocep. I love how you can see the rain coming in here. After a 20 minute (surprisingly heavy) summer shower, the rain stopped and we set back out on the water again. I just get lost in taking pictures from the boat. Goodbye, Kolocep! Tomorrow is the last day of the Croatian leg of the trip — Dubrovnik.

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