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We took an unexpected detour to the city of Ston, formerly called “Stagnum” for its shallow waters. There have been salt pans here since Roman times and they are still in use for salt production. You can see the pans on the top right of the image below.

The water on the salt pans is so calm that it makes for the perfect reflection pictures. And look – there’s me on the bottom right of the picture, lol!

The city of Ston has been enclosed by walls since before 1000 AD, although the present defensive walls (you can see part of them at the top left of the image below) were built in the 14th and 15th centuries, making up more than 3 miles of walls. With its 41 towers, seven bastions and two forts, this is one of the largest defensive structures in the world — pretty neat stuff.

We walked along a section of the walls and looked down on the town below us.

And we thought it was a good moment to do a jump-shot 🙂

The town itself is full of so many little treasures.

Ston locals living life.

This is me, being a tourist.

We had dinner at the prettiest little restaurant. The owner was a friend of our guide, so I think we got some extra-special treatment and they seated us at the best table on the patio.


And then the sun began to set, and, with full stomachs, we moved on to our next stop, Zaton.


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