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August 28, 2014


For those of you who know me, I’m a big softy for dogs, and when my friend and crazy-talented wedding photographer, Caroline, asked me if I would take pictures of her, Josh and the fur-babies, I was all in. Plus, she offered to photograph me with Bueller, and really, how could I refuse???

Milou, her beautiful black Portuguese Water Dog has been her best friend and companion for well over a decade. Since she is getting older, she wanted a few sweet images with her and the family while she’s still able to run around and play. Caroline’s stylish Midtown apartment made the perfect setting for tickles on the bed…

family playing on bed with dogs

And doggy stare-downs… (of course I had a bowl of treats sitting on top of my head).

three dogs lie together looking at the camera

Ferocious teeth-baring…

chihuahua plays with toy on white chair

family laughs with their dog children on a bed

I think this is one below is one of my favorites because it is so “them”.

cuddles with portuguese water dog milou

I know, I know… But I swear no animals were harmed in the making of this photo shoot (just maybe a little embarrassed).

goofy dog portrait with sunglasses and a hood

That little pink tongue…

belly tickles with brown portuguese water dog in hip apartment

three dogs and kisses on a yellow background

dog portraits chihuahua and portuguese water dogs

kissing and walking dogs simultaneously takes an expert

These two are not only super talented and crazy-funny but they are also some of the most open-hearted, generous and honest people I know. I feel very lucky to call them friends and grateful to get to be the one to document this little snippet of their lives.  Thanks, Caroline and Josh!


November 20, 2013

November Family Pictures in the Rolling Hills

I adore this family. They bring it all to their session: fun ideas, personality, intimate moments, stories, silly games for making their daughter giggle… That, plus of the little details that mark this moment in time as different from the others. I’ve been working with them since their little girl was still in mommy’s belly and it’s been such a joy to get to document their growth as a family year after year.

We always try out a new location together and this November we went for a little hike up in the rolling hills of Fairfield. The sun was setting and the light was skipping off the trees and dry grass in the most delicious way.

princess hands with daddy up on the hill

We discovered a fun bridge along the way, perfect for running on!

running on the bridge at rockville park in fairfield

They never fail to make each other laugh. I swear they are secretly models and just haven’t told me yet…

mommy makes her daughter giggle for their family portraits in fairfield


fun natural candid family portraits

Taking a little break at the top on an obliging picnic table. Look how the sun washes down in little rays from the right. It’s a small little detail but one of my favorites.

chin in hands, dylan relaxes with her pomeranian pup armani

Cuddling in the tall grass… Can you believe how cute their Pomeranian is? His name is Armani and he easily wins the prize for the easiest dog in the world to take pictures of. He listens well and always looks perfect when it’s his turn. Armani, can you tell all of the pups out there to be just like you???

the family cuddles together in the tall grass at rockville park fairfield

They always get their Seattle Seahawks picture in – I love it!

seahawk fans family portraits

Can’t wait for next year!

November 21, 2011

holiday family photos | together again

Eleven months after meeting Dylan for the first time for her newborn session, we’re together again for holiday family photos. What a sweetheart she was, all cuddly and loving with Mom and Dad.

professional-family-portraits (1)With just three teeth, her little smile is irresistible!

professional-family-portraits (2) 

professional-family-portraits (3)Being a dog-person myself, when mom said that she wanted their Pomeranian, Armani, in the pictures because he’s “like our child”, I was all over it. I call my own two Boston Terriers my “dog children”, so I can relate, lol! But check out his little doggie sidecar on the stroller! I love it!

professional-family-portraits (4)And here Armani is, in all his cuteness. How adorable!

professional-family-portraits (5)With the storm moving in on Saturday, it made for some beautiful, dramatic skies.

professional-family-portraits (6)Thank you L and I! I love you guys in these pictures!

October 15, 2011

a new addition…

our-new-dog-legacy (2)This is a loooooong overdue post, but I’d like to officially announce the “arrival” of our new “dog-child”, Legacy. We call him “Lego” for short, because we think it just sounds cuter that way, lol! Bueller (our first Boston Terrier) was asking for a brother almost every day, so we were very happy to bring home his half-brother and welcome him into our little family.

Lego enjoys cuddling up on the sofa, licking faces, chewing cow hooves and long walks in the rain.

Do you see his funny little pose on the right? Well, here’s a side shot, just in case you were interested…

our-new-dog-legacy (1)God, I love those little legs.

Anyhow, that’s enough of my puppy obsession…

Until next time,


P.S. – In case you’ve been thinking of adding a sweet Boston Terrier to your own family, both Bueller and Legacy are from an amazing breeder, Danielle Campbell of Campbell Clan Bostons. Jump on over to her website at where you can see a whole ton of pictures that we worked on together, quite a few of which are of Mr. Legacy himself.

October 14, 2011

golden retriever pet portraits

When a good friend of mine asked me to photograph her with her three Golden Retrievers for some pet portraits, I was like, “Um, yeah!” I mean, who could say no to these faces???

golden-retriever-dog-portraits (3)Mo, Saber & Sterling – three seriously handsome pups.

golden-retriever-dog-portraits (1) 

golden-retriever-dog-portraits (4) 

golden-retriever-dog-portraits (2)We had so much fun! By the way, you have to check out Robyn’s custom wedding invitation website. She designs the most incredible wedding invitations and she’s super fun to work with.

Until next time,